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The thicker the beard, the fiercer the man. Our range of legendary beard oils will help thicken, nourish and hydrate your beard like never before. Gone are the days of bald patches. It's time to have facial hair that even Admiral Redbeard would be proud of.

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New to beard oil?

Wanting Admiral Red Beard's advice on beard oil? Check out the questions he gets asked the most below.

When should I use beard oil?
There is no defined date for when a gentleman should start using beard oil - however, the sooner you start, the sooner you will have a beard that the Admiral would be proud of. For those with itchy or dry beards, beard oil will most definitely help. And if your beard feels this way, we would recommend starting as soon as possible.
Can I put beard oil on my face?
The best beard oils are fine to use on your face. As they use vitamin E, which is known to help your skin. We recommend checking the product ingredients before purchase, to be absolutely sure.